About us

The Sickled Cell is a clothing company close to my heart. This company has been a long time coming. For many years I wanted to create an urban brand. One that offered quality garments and at a good price. I always took pride on the brands that I would personally wear and throughout many years began familiarizing myself with high quality. I also wanted my clothing line to stand for something the message had to be important. That's why calling the line THE SICKLED CELL made so much sense. It's been a part of me from the moment I was born an inheritance of sorts. One that could have easily broken my spirit. But instead it's what has actually given me my strength. I have actually become stronger as I have had to deal with sickle cell anemia. That's why THE SICKLED CELL is all about taking a negative and making it a positive. Never giving up on your dreams or goals in life.

This is a family owned company where we want our customers to be completely satisfied with what they have purchased. Here it's about you enjoying our garments. If at the end of the day our customers are satisfied and feel like they have made a good buy. We have done our job. We hope that you gather strength from rocking our clothing as you find, "IT'S NOT JUST A BRAND IT'S A WAY OF LIFE."