I'm Hector Jimenez a guitarist, producer, and actor born in the Dominican Republic. The arts have always been a big part of my life especially music.

Even though I have a degree in audio engineering, and mostly dedicated my talents towards producing and recording music. I always wanted to create a clothing line. One which had that urban street wear flavor. I have always had my eye on urban fashion. I took my time into creating this brand because I wanted to pour my heart and soul into it. I also choose to design, and name it around sickle cell anemia. This has been a part of me since the moment I was born. Its not what has stopped me but in turn given me the strength to endure any challenge that life has thrown my way. That's why my clothing is more than just a brand its a way of life.

I wanted to create a clothing line that gave a voice to anyone with sickle cell and yet did not alienate those with out sickle cell. I know that you will enjoy these garments as much as I have enjoyed creating them and bring them to you.


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